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Sweet Orange Warung– Ubud, Bali

The launching of Sweet Orange Warung on the wonderful island of Bali back in February 2016 was my first success story both for Hylcott and my dear friends Putu & Nyoman, owners of the warung.

Putu and Nyoman approached me in 2015 with their idea about opening a cafe. I immediately thought they’ll need a website and social media content to get this cafe running properly. But who would set that up? Who would manage the content for them? Who would handle online customer service and correspondence? I know Putu is a very talented chef with a passion for life. While Nyoman has the same attributes with his great ideas, drive and a good business sense. Together they make a great partnership. However, neither with much web design or IT experience. Someone would have to manage all this, someone with knowledge of hospitality too. Someone that knows how to market their product. Someone that can put the finishing touches on a wonderful project.

After a lengthy conversation with Putu regarding white label marketing, that someone would be me! Once the ball was rolling I quickly went to work. By doing so, it has now taken the burden off Sweet Orange increasing their chances of success while Putu and Nyoman can focus on the more important things….THE WARUNG!

Based on Trip Advisor as of Feb 2017. Ubud currently has 600+ rated restaurants and I knew they’d need as much help as possible to succeed in this competitive marketplace. Sweet Orange Warung has been open 12 months now. I’m proud to say we are now rated #4 of 616 restaurants with a 5 out of 5 rating and over 165 reviews and counting. Sweet Orange Facebook page has now over 4,700 likes including 57 of 58 five-star reviews, and 5,000 website hits and growing. Due in part of Hylcott’s dedication to Sweet Orange’s social media platforms and Trip Advisor correspondence with reviewers.

Not bad for a peaceful warung in the rice fields outside the main tourist area of town.

Tu Corazon Sport Fishing– Los Barriles, Baja California

Based out of Los Barriles in Baja California, Tu Corazon Sport Fishing is a new charter with championship caliber talent at the helm. Offering East Cape fishing expeditions to those that brave the beautiful waters of the Sea of Cortez. Monster tuna, marlin and other exotic game fish await!

Hylcott launched their new WordPress based website from scratch. Detailing 20+ website pages of SEO content, blogs, fishing reports, newsletters and exclusive holiday travel packages.

Hylcott is now managing Tu Corazon’s digital marketing campaign including all Trip Advisor correspondence, Twitter/Facebook/Instagram posting, and email blitzes.


House of Travel– Lodi, California

The House of Travel project is a little less sexy than the launching a warung in Bali. However, it’s just as important and it’s a subject matter is near and dear to my heart. I find it intriguing with all the exotic destinations including the content of pre/ post packages, which I research and develop myself. Travel and adventure has always been a topic interesting for me to write about, managing the House of Travel website is a pleasure.

House of Travel has been in business for 30 years with a niche in exotic & elegant group travel. Though never with a very successful website or social media platform to expand their base clientele. After a few conversations, I was lucky enough(or convincing enough) to get the owners approval to take on the digital side of her business.

Since then Hylcott has organized a social media plan for the rest of 2016/17 and just relaunched the new website in October of 2016. Thus far the website is up and running. With the backbone is in place for a functional, organized and marketable site for current/future clients, while freeing up House of Travel’s labour to do what they do best, selling travel!

Hop the Wall – Adelaide, South Australia

Hop the Wall is a new company based out of South Australia launching in January 2017. The company is primarily a exporter of Australian speciality foods, beverages, wines, and travel related products to the Chinese market.

Hylcott SEO Co. was hired late 2016 as the full-time content provider, translator and social media manager. This position also includes managing a team of English to Chinese translators while creating blog content, web content, newsletters, product description and supplier bio details.

Brenick Mechanical, Inc. – San Francisco/Northern California

Brenick Mechanical, Inc is a commercial/industrial mechanical contractor based out of the San Francisco bay area. Brenick is a family operated business and staple corporation lasting nearly 60 years. Experts in construction, websites and social media marketing experts they are not. This is where Hylcott comes into play!

Recently hired by Brenick Mechanical to elevate their online presence, Hylcott has developed a basic Weebly operated website that allows both Hylcott and Brenick easy administrative rights with the capabilities of Brenick to manage the website if they so dare. Per specification, social media management and marketing isn’t necessary at the moment. Brenick Mechanical only requested a new clean and precise website to give potential customers a place to view their brand. Website is still under construction.

TOTALS Marketing & Business Solutions

Web content, development and page creator of TOTALS Marketing & Business Solutions website.



Developing web content and product descriptions for Mike Nittoli, founder of



Washroom Dispenser Warehouse

A new Australian based company distributing commercial washroom products and accessories. Hylcott assisted in the development of their website handling 100% of the SEO rich webpages. With our next phase emphasizing detailed product descriptions on all lines for even better Google rankings allowing for maximum ROI.








Providing Kong Su Gin of content for a travel blog.

Internet research with blogs written in a conversational tone while being informative and engaging to read. Articles based on travels to specific cities (Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Ubud, Seminyak) in Asia.

Status: Project Ongoing

Travel Blogger & Articles; Seyhan Azak, Freelance Web Designer

Providing SEO friendly travel articles and blog post. Focused around Bali and Southeast Asia, back linking Seyhan’s websites throughout the content.

Articles include: Hidden Gem Warungs, Top 8 Infinity Pools, Complete Insiders Travel Guide to Ubud, Top 5 Most Romantic Locations of SE Asia, Bali Travel, The Secrets of East Bali, Bali Villa Deals, Reasons to Visit Bali, Seminyak; The Best Hub to Launch Your Holiday and What Makes Bali Great

Status: Project Ongoing


Ghost Writer;  LA Travel Magazine
Providing content and articles regarding the numerous travel destinations of Italy while managing my clients (to remain unnamed) social media platforms while traveling to exotic destinations. Content is a collaboration of her detailed itineraries, brainstorming between client and myself while given complete freedom of creativity to produce entertaining and informative content.

Articles include: Two Nights in Venice, Discovering the Birth of the Renaissance, Tuscany; The Land of Discovery, When in Rome…and The Magic of the Amalfi Coast

Status: Project Ongoing


SEO Content Writer; Marketer’s Center
A multitude of work offered by Marketer’s Center using the Trello dashboard as our organizational platform. Working with a team of 13 other freelancers, hand selected by Andrew Scherer at Marketer’s Center. I’m able to pick and choose my work as needed. Topics range from pest control to wooden toys, the opportunities here are boundless. Press releases, articles, blogs, product descriptions and landing pages are the common format of writing.

Articles include: With over 225 completed projects at Marketers Center, I won’t waste the space and your time listing each one. Please request any style of content for sample viewing, I’m happy to supply.

Status: Project Ongoing


Blogger; The

Creating blog content regarding motorcycle adventures and life stories. Creative freedom has been granted and Mathew (the client) and I are having a blast creating awesome blogs, guides, top xxx list and misc articles.

CLIENT FEEDBACK: “Scott is a blast to work with. I give him a topic and an article, and he always works his magic to turn it into something amazing. I could say a million awesome things about him, but I’ll just leave it at this: Scott is the guy for the job. Trust me!”

Status: Project Ongoing


Article Rewrites, Editing and Expansion; Clockwork PLR website
Working for Darren is never a dull moment, he’s offered me many milestones with the task of creating, expanding, editing and rewriting small 400 word articles into 1500-2000 word articles. Coffee Industry, Bedbugs, Anger Management, Budget Landscaping and Christmas themed articles.

PLRs included: The Coffee Industry, Bedbugs, Anger Management, Budget Landscaping and Christmas on a Budget

CLIENT FEEDBACK: “Scott is an amazing writer with a lot of insight to share. I could not ask for a better experience every time I hire him. He’s a lot of fun to work with, completes the projects perfectly, and is always available when I send him a message. Highly recommended!”
Status: Project Ongoing


Travel Guide Content;
I’ve always been one to favor the travel articles, this one was no different. I had minimum knowledge of Bulgaria and the mountain region nor the ancient Thracian civilian. Well after this project I can confidently say I’m an expert on the subject. It was a fun project and I look forward to working with Lauren at Honey Guide once again in the future.

Articles includeThracian Sanctuaries, The Canyon of Waterfalls, Bachkova Monastery, Wonderful Bridges, Shiroka Lake Village, Zlatograd, Asens’ Fortress, Kardzhali, Village of Leshten and Devil’s Throat Cave

CLIENT FEEDBACK: “Scott provided me with the best work I have received from any freelancer on Upwork. He went above and beyond what was asked of him and completed the project with incredible effort and professionalism. The value of his work is simply unbeatable. I would be more than confident to hire Scott again; I know that he would produce top-tier results.”

Status: Project Completed


Food & Beverage Blogger;  Old Liquors Magazine

Working with Bart has been a treat in every essence of the word. The subject is perfect and I’m given almost pure freedom of creativity thus far. First article recently published online in December 2016 with two more ready to publish in January.

Blogs include: El Cellar de Can Roca Restaurant, Culinary Magic; Top 5 NYC Restaurant and Five Favs Restaurants of London

Status: Project Ongoing


Wilderness & Outdoor Blogger; Figgs Outdoor
Creating quality blogs for Figgs Outdoor Co. on anything related to outdoor activities.

Blogs include: Cycling in Australia and The Remote Moonbah Huts

Status: Project Completed


Product Description; Mountain Design Outdoor Clothing
Hired by Mountain Design on the recommendation from Figgs Outdoor (a previous client), this is an ongoing project handling all product descriptions, product specs and overall review for their online merchandise.

Status: Project Ongoing


Travel Blogger; Travel Gear Addict– TGA
A travel blog called How to Travel With Only a Carry-On for TGA’s website covering the benefits of a carry-on lifestyle. A light hearted, humorous and informative blog in which my client was extremely happy with the end product.

CLIENT FEEDBACK: “Scott was excellent. I asked for some humor in the article and Scott did that and added his own experiences to bring the piece to life. He was extremely easy to get in touch with and communication was great. Finished the project in half the allotted time. Would recommend Scott to anyone needing a blog post/ article written.”

Status: Project Completed


WordPress Administrator/Rewrites/Social Media Manager; Nigel Lane Student Wellbeing Program

Blog content edited and revised with images to be scheduled for future weekly post through WordPress website, Facebook and Twitter. Content based on the trials and tribulations of young students growing up during difficult times. Depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and parental separation are among the main topics of most blogs.

Status: Project Ongoing


Blogger Metal Detecting- US History & Lost Treasure;

Created three blog post about where a prospector could find buried treasure (old coins, relics, treasure, etc) in different states. These articles were intended for treasure hunters using metal detectors to find buried coins, but really the articles should be primarily focused on early history of the state, the various places where early settlers were drawn to and why (such as mining, logging camps, farming, etc) since these are the places where the old coins will be found. The 3 states written about include Maine, Oklahoma and Florida.

Blogs include: “Sooner” or Later You’ll Find It, Maines Hidden History and Nautical History Worth Discovery in Florida


Status: Project Completed


Food & Beverage Blogger;

Food and wine genre delivering content for

Blogs include: Terroir and its Affect on Wine, Salutations to the Wine Regions of France, Food and Wine- Together Forever! and Factors to Consider When Purchasing Wine

CLIENT FEEDBACK: “Absolutely brilliant. Scott is a true gem in the Upwork freelancer community. His writing skills are beyond anything I had anticipated, though his cover letter in itself was what drew me to hire him. I’m blown away by the quality of Scott’s writing, and he went above and beyond the expectations of the job I gave him. I not only highly recommend him and his work, but I STRONGLY encourage you to hire him for your project. Thanks so much for your hard work, Scott! I can’t wait to work with you again.”

Status: Project Completed


Travel Website Content;  What’s on in Mysore website

Created 28 pages of web content based on the clients recommendation regarding tourism in Mysore, India.

Web Pages Include: What’s On, History, Culture, Art & Paintings, Mysore Crafts, Attractions, Museums, Tourist Attractions, Food & Drink, Cafes & Snacks, Pizza Corner, Bakes & Ice Creams, Restaurants & Hotels, Shopping, Resorts & Wellness Spas, Fashion, Men’s Apparel, Women’s Apparel, Children’s Apparel, Leather & Luggage, Real Estate, Plots, Apartments, Interior Design, Beauty & Health, Jewelry, Fun in Mysore and How to Reach Mysore

CLIENT FEEDBACK: “Scott is great to work with. His communication is awesome, great availability and responsive. will consider him in further projects. Proved again his skills and proficiency. Highly recommended to all clients.”

Status: Project Completed


Travel & Hotel Reviews; Best Rate Guarantee Me website
Content for multiple hotel reviews, summaries and feedback for my clients website.

Reviews include: Embassy Suites Montreal, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, Hilton Garden Inn Guatamala, Intercontinental Phnom Penh, Sheraton Quito Hotel, W St. Petersburg, Wyndham Gardens Austin and Wyndham Gardens Washington DC

CLIENT FEEDBACK: “Fast turnaround from Scott once again!”

Status: Project Completed


Travel Article Editor and Rewrites; The Pacific Traveller Magazine website
Took existing articles written by the wonderful Tara Tyrrell for revisions and editing to be published on The Pacific Traveller online magazine.

Articles include: The Best of Hawaii, Best Weekend Island Getaways and The Great Pacific Rim

CLIENT FEEDBACK: “Scott’s editing skills were great, thank you so much! Exactly what I was hoping for. I’ll certainly hire again in the future; and please don’t hesitate to stay in touch with me if you want to be involved in the magazine at all in future.”

Status: Project Completed


Product Description/Article Content; Survival Mastery website
Articles between 2500 and 3500 words according to the amount of content available for research. All articles are story based then followed by specific product descriptions or how-to articles.

Articles include: Best Portable Grills; For Foodies of an Outdoor Existence and How to Hike for Newbies; Overcoming the Elements of Mother Nature

CLIENT FEEDBACK: “Thanks for the excellent articles. They are high quality, easy to read and well-researched!”

Status: Project Ongoing


Website/App Content; Big City Hunt website

Created quality content for a online scavenger hunt of Adelaide (my home town), South Australia. A tourist based app that highlights the important sites, history and attraction of various world wide cities.

Scavenger Hunt included: Adelaide, South Australia

CLIENT FEEDBACK: “Good worker”

Status: Project Completed



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