If you were to ask me 5 years ago what I’d be doing with my life, a digital nomad would of been the furtherest thing from my mind.

With a background in hospitality, having been executive chef for a handful of successful (and non successful) San Francisco & Boston restaurants. One might think I would be on the path of just another trendy restauranteur. Hummm, I suppose it’s never too late, but my journey has taken me down another path.

My Youthful Days as a Dumbass

In my early years, I’ve always sought out the adventure, the journey and the total experience ever molding and evolving my unique and likable personality into the man you read today. Of course, being so unique comes with the many lumps and bumps along the way. When you live this life and have this type Z personality, you need to be resilient or develop another skill set to cope, otherwise, you’ll be gobbled up and digested by the big bad world. Trust me, it’s happened to me many times but I’m still here stronger, better and smarter then ever. I must not taste good to the world, because she keeps spitting me back out for another go! Thank you world, I’ll take ever opportunity and grow from it with a smile.


Wiser Now But Still a Dumbass

In my later years, nothing has changed much. A little older, a little wiser, and maybe taking less extreme measures. Though, the lust to create and the desire to travel and the passion for adventure is still kicking ever strong. Particularly after meeting my wife Hylari 13 years ago in California, a true Hollywood love story. But I shall not bore you with the details now, maybe at a later date. Hylari was raised in Australia by her American parents and we instantly fell in love back in San Francisco as we shared the exact same thirst for adventure. We both knew right away we didn’t want to be stuck in the mundane ritual of working for “the man” so we quickly designed an exit plan out of the United States to relocate back to Australia as we continue to carve our way through the day to day grind, until we acquire, in our eyes, the good life.

I’ve always had a niche for the creative, and using pin to paper to express my thoughts was a natural fit and something I’ve always enjoyed and excelled. In all my travels, I’ve acquired a collection of journals and notes that are slowly taking over my shelves at home. Nonetheless, the fire was started, my future would be in the digital nomad world as it seem to tick every box to get us where we’re heading. With that said, I’m extremely excited for the next chapter of my life and to build my business from the ground up as my wife and I travel, adventure and seek answers.

After relocating to Australia 5 years ago, it’s given me the opportunity to blaze a new trail on what I could do with my life. Yes, hospitality was the obvious choice, but thought why not try something different. I’m a smart, creative and driven human being, if you’re going to do this, this would be the time to do so. After brainstorming, Hylari and I both decided traveling would be the best job ever. But how does one get paid to travel without actually being a tour guide or travel agent? We want to be on permanent holiday while still being productive in society and making a sustainable income overseas while doing so? With my research and a few tips from a friend, I was lead down a path to the digital nomad world. My confidant seemed very happy with his current status in life and I thought he’d make the perfect template for what Hylari & I what to achieve, the good life.

So here I stand today, under a new path in life getting ready to set forth on another adventure. I say why not? The world deserves a unique voice!


Scott R. Abrahamson

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