Welcome to the Premium Package!

$599 USD per month

Not enough marketing strength in our previous bundles? No dramas, Hylcott offers the creme de la creme of bundles with our most popular Premium Package! Full steam ahead as Hylcott lays out the complete arsenal of digital marketing methods and techniques that will have customers knocking down the door!

The Premium Package Includes


Social Media Management

Hylcott will develop your social media platform into engaging material sure to increase your following with more customers and ultimately more profits.


Premium Package includes; daily post via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other of your company’s social media platforms (per week).




Website Consultation

Hylcott will analysis your current website’s functionality. Providing you professional advice, feedback and recommendations on improvements required to maintain current industry trends.

Premium Package includes; Monthly site audit; site technical review, offsite optimisation audit, onsite optimisation audit, social influence.




SEO Content Management

SEO is our passion, so let Hylcott SEO Co. handle your content! We’ll provide you with entertaining, informative and engaging content for your business to be noticed.

Premium Package includes; 4x blogs (750 words), 2x newsletter, 2x digital press release per month





Stay on top of your marketing campaign with website analytics & SEO reports allowing us to revise your campaign as we progress.

Premium Package includes; 2x monthly detailed analytics report, 1x interactive dashboard




Quarterly Content Marketing Strategy

Hylcott SEO Co will conduct quarterly evaluations on your marketing campaign. Focusing our attention on persona mapping, keyword development, content plan, media plan, search strategy.






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